Rules of procedure

Access to the park implies acceptance of these rules of procedure

The inflatable water park is a fun activity space, made up of structures assembled in courses.
Park users are under the permanent supervision of lifeguards.
Access to the park is prohibited to the public outside opening hours.

1- Entrance ticket

Access to the activity of the water park is reserved only for people with a corresponding access ticket. To access and practice the Aquapark, the practitioner has the obligation to register at the reception.

2- Conditions et santé physique

  • Be in good health and not be affected by any physical or psychological disorder.
  • The practice is forbidden to anyone who has consumed alcohol or any substance that may alter their abilities.
  • To have paid a right of access
  • To have followed the explanations of the briefing
  • To be 6 years old and over
  • Wearing the vest provided by the park
  • To have an outfit adapted to the activity.

Adopt responsible and prudent behavior in all circumstances:
Access to the activity of the water park is reserved only for people with a corresponding access ticket. To access and practice the Aquapark, the practitioner has the obligation to register at the reception.

The management reserves the right to refuse access to the park and the facilities to any person whom it considers does not meet the conditions set out in these regulations.

3- Progress of the activity

3.1. PPE equipment

Wearing a buoyancy aid is mandatory for the inflatable water park activity.
The lifejacket must be kept closed throughout the activity.
The practitioner has the obligation to remove the following elements: jewelry, watch, bracelet, necklace, earrings, as well as any sharp object.
The establishment is not responsible for thefts and losses.

a. Signage

Each practitioner consults and respects the signs present at the entrance and on the park.

b. Safety briefing

All practitioners participate, listen, respect and implement the safety briefing instructions before leaving and once in the park.

c. Operator instructions

Each practitioner must respect the safety advice and good practice issued by the operators. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in the expulsion of the practitioner, in accordance with the rules of procedure.

d. Respect of his level

Each practitioner makes sure to have the appropriate level for the modules on which he evolves.

3.2 End of activity

Once the session is over, the practitioner must leave the park as soon as possible. He must also return the vest in good order to the operators.

4- Measures of order and tranquility

4.1 Monitoring

The supervisors have the competence to take any decision concerning security and good order inside the establishment. Their instructions and injunctions are to be respected by all, in all circumstances.
They judge the appropriateness of the measures that prove necessary, particularly in the event of an emergency and with which users must comply: warning, injunction, expulsion of offenders, calls to outside emergency services, evacuation of the park.
In the event of an accident, notify the supervisors immediately.

a. Behavior in the park

Refer to safety rules.

Each practitioner has the obligation to have read these rules well.
Any person violating these provisions or any person whose behavior disturbs the order or operation of the various facilities may be immediately expelled, if necessary by force, access to the establishment may be prohibited for a specified period. , without there being any reimbursement of the entrance fee.

b. Evacuation of the Aquapark


The management reserves the right to temporarily or permanently evacuate the route for your own safety:

  • If the emergency evacuation sound signal is triggered, users must comply with the instructions given by the staff. In this event, any person with skills in the fields of fire and/or rescue is required to make themselves known and make themselves available to the emergency services.
  • In case of bad weather conditions (strong wind, storm with risk of lightning, gusts of wind, etc.)


5- Groups

A group is a set of people having something in common (reception center for minors, adults, institution, colony, etc.) who frequent the establishment during a time slot defined in advance and benefitingfrom a particular rate.
Before entering the Aquaparc, the group leader reads the Aquaparc internal rules.

The supervision of a group of children consists of:
One or more guides present in the water (educators, facilitators, monitors).

  • The number of accompanying persons corresponds to the adult/child ratio according to the age of the children:
    1 adult for 8 children over 6 years old.
  • In the context of group reception, children under 6 years old are not accepted in the Aquaparc.
  • It is recommended that a leader supervise the supervision of his group by staying out of the water.
  • The supervision of a group of adults is made up of a person in charge.
  • Supervision of a group of disabled people is relative to the disabilities of the
    participants. It is determined in consultation when programming the time slot.
  • The group manager enforces the observations, instructions and possibly the injunctions of the supervisors who provide general surveillance of the Aquaparc and safety. If necessary, the supervisors prohibit without appeal, any practice not in conformity with the good practices in force in the establishment and order the immediate exit of the turbulent, the dangerous and those who do not respect the instructions given and the safety rules.
  • In the event of an accident, the group leader informs a supervisor. If the acoustic evacuation signal is triggered, the group leader and the accompanying persons must comply with the evacuation plan displayed in the establishment and apply the instructions given by the staff.
  • The supervisors and the operator cannot be held liable in the event of non-compliance with the internal regulations.

6- Recourse and non-compliance with the rules of procedure

The practitioner uses the inflatable modules responsibly so as not to risk injuring himself or others.

Non-compliance with one of the stipulations of these internal regulations will result in the expulsion of the practitioner without reimbursement or financial compensation.

No recourse can be exercised against the manager of the establishment for objects lost or stolen in the establishment.

7- Protection of facilities

It is forbidden to damage the facilities and installations.
Any damage or damage is repaired by the manager at the expense of the offenders, without prejudice to criminal prosecution.